Preorder season is here

Over the next one and a half months three new products are going to be released by Wizards of the Coast, and you can now preorder all of them!

The first one in line will be Time Spiral Remastered, an exciting reprint set from the Time Spiral block (originally released in 2006-2007) that contains cards with the old border. The good thing is that this time there will only be a simple draft booster box (no set and collector boosters), but it costs more than a regular booster box. If you preorder, we‘ll make sure it gets to you on March 19 (we‘ll upgrade your shipping to Priority if needed, for no extra cost).

A week later this year‘s Challenger Decks are expected to be released (on March 26). They come in new packaging that‘s much more compact and contains significantly less plastic. We are welcoming this change, and hoping it will also be carried over to the commander decks coming later this year. There are 4 different types of decks, you can order them individually, or all of them together.

A month later the newest standard set will appear on our virtual shelves, and it‘s a very exciting one: Strixhaven: School of Mages (no, it‘s not Harry Potter) with an expected release date of April 23. On this plane there are five colleges founded by elder dragons (each are enemy color paired): Lorehold (red-white), Prismari (blue-red), Quandrix (green-blue), Silverquill (white-black), and Witherbloom (black-green). There are some really beautiful special bordered cards, the so called Mystical Archive, which contains 63 different spells. Every type of booster will contain at least one card from the Mystical Archive, collector boosters will have 3, and some of them might have special Japanese artwork (only found in Japanese boosters, and English collector boosters).

You can preorder all of these products now in our online shop, among a wide variety of other Magic: the Gathering sealed products for one of the best prices in Switzerland. As usual, on release days you can also expect to be able to buy some singles from us on Cardmarket.

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