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Update (January 15): We were notified by our distributor, that we should expect allocation for Set Booster Displays, so we’ll remove them from our pre-order options for now.

The spoiler season for the next Magic set, called Kaldheim, is officially starting on January 7th, but we already got some previews over the last few weeks. We are looking forward to all the fun dwarves, wolves, squirrels, Kaya returning, and the completion of the pathways that were introduced in Zendikar Rising.

Now let’s talk about preorders. As a brand new TCG shop, it’s hard to tell ahead what our allocation will be, and due to what we’ve seen around set releases in 2020, we only made a low amount of product available for preorder. We want to make sure we can fill all of them, and you can have the products in your hands on February 5th.

To make up for the low volume of available products, we decided to extend the prerelease sale prices until one week after the release. This means we’ll hopefully have plenty of products available on sale until February 12th.

If we get any confirmation of our allocation, we’ll adjust the shop inventory accordingly.

We have the following Kaldheim products available for preorder:

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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