Modern Horizons 2 / Secret Lair / Prerelease Packs

This year’s premium set is open for preorders. This time it has the full product range: Bundles, Draft Booster Boxes, Set Booster Boxes, and Collector Booster Boxes. The distributor prices on these products are double of standard sets, so we had to adjust our prices accordingly. The expected release date is June 11, 2021.

This Friday the new LGS-exclusive Secret Lair is released: the Ultimate Edition 2 with the 10 pathway lands known from Zendikar Rising and Kaldheim, but all of them got new art. They come in a special edition box.

Finally, we were able to secure some prerelease packs of Strixhaven, which we offer as a set of all 5 schools. A prerelease pack contains 6 draft boosters (one of them is specific to the school, which means the card in the Rare/Mythic Rare slot is guaranteed to be from that school), a foil promo-stamped card (Rare or Mythic Rare), an Magic Arena code card, a spindown life counter and a deckbox.

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