Pokémon Lost Origin – Booster Box

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The Lost Zone returns to the Pokémon TCG in the Sword & Shield—Lost Origin expansion. Giratina ripped apart the very fabric of space to create a rift into the Lost Zone. Many cards, including Giratina V and Giratina VSTAR, will take advantage of this exciting mechanic. While cards placed in the Lost Zone are out of play for the rest of the games, strategic players can make the most of this new opportunity.

Celebrate the bonds between Pokémon and Trainers with the Trainer Gallery—a subset of cards featuring art that captures this unique relationship. From humorous to heartfelt, the Trainer Gallery shares unique moments between iconic Trainers and their beloved Pokémon.

Includes 36 Pokémon TCG: Sword & Shield—Lost Origin booster packs. Each booster pack contains 10 cards and either 1 basic Energy or 1 VSTAR marker.


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