Kaldheim – Commander Deck Set

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Just like Zendikar Rising and Commander Legends, Kaldheim releases with two associated Commander decks. Each deck has 8 new cards (that’s more than ZNR and CMR!) and comes with 100 cards (1 foil commander and 99 non-foil cards), 10 double-sided tokens, and 1 Life Wheel™. These decks are a great way to get into the format or just try something new. Let’s take quick a look at the decks:


The prophecy has come to pass! Summon Ranar and a horde of spirits to do your bidding. Expel cards from across the battlefield (and from your hand with the new foretell mechanic) and watch your spectral squadron swell with each card you exile.


Awaiting your orders! Team up with Lathril and lead an army of elves to absolute victory. Grow your forces large enough, and even the mightiest foe will lie helpless at your feet.

This product contains both decks. Contact us if you’re interested in buying only one of them.



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